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• Journal of Experimental Botany     


• Journal of Plant Physiology

Mechanisms of Plant Functions: from Molecules to Ecosystems Scales

Founded in 1909, with roots tracing back to 1818, the Journal of Plant Physiology (JPP) published landmark papers in plant physiology and is one of the world's oldest international journals in the botanical sciences. 

Today's modern concept of JPP welcomes submissions in biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology and functional biotechnology of plants.

While a "new" or "agriculturally important" species alone is not an acceptable rationale for this journal, submission of papers exploring the diversity of species beyond current models, such as Arabidopsis, and bridging basic research with applied aspects is encouraged. Experiments should be carried out under controlled environmental conditions.

Descriptive manuscripts, confirming known facts in just another species without contributing to a better understanding of the biological mechanisms involved, will normally be returned without review.

JPLPH offers you a choice in how you wish to publish your paper, either as a subscription or Open Access article. 

Publish with JPLPH and benefit from: 

- Quality publication – Impact Factor: 2.770

- Rigorous peer review of your article

- Visibility and citability – over 377.000 articles downloaded in past 9 months

- Fast publication – average time to first decision is 5 weeks

- OA fee reduced now to 2400 US Dollar


• Plant Physiology and Biochemistry


• Physiologia Plantarum
Physiologia Plantarum is an international journal committed to publishing the best full-length original research papers that advance our understanding of the primary physiological, molecular and genetic mechanisms governing plant development, growth and productivity; including plant interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment. The journal also publishes Minireviews with the aim of providing a forum for the exchange of information on recent scientific advances and technical developments.

Impact Factor: 3.262

Read an online sample issue for free.


• Plant Biology
Plant Biology is an international journal of broad scope bringing together different subdisciplines, such as physiology, molecular biology, cell biology, development, genetics, systematics, ecology, evolution, ecophysiology, plant-microbe interactions, and mycology.

Impact Factor: 2.405

Read the Special Issue on Duckweed - Research and Application for free. 

In 2015, Plant Biology will move to online only publication, in trend with Wiley's path of digital transformation, as the company invests in the customizable, technology-enabled products and services needed by our customers in the future.