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The FESPB Awards are the Federation’s most prestigious awards. Two are normally presented at each FESPB Congress to young scientists under the age of 35 chosen from nominations put forward by each of the 30 constituent societies of the FESPB or Applications submitted directly by the candidates (see below).

Each National Representative from the Federation is asked to propose one candidate for the 2012 Awards. Also, individuals may apply once his/her nomination is supported by a senior FESPB Member.

The two winners, who must be under the age of 35, at the start of the Congress, are selected by the Committee of Grants and Awards. The winners are funded to travel and attend to the Congress and also receive a cheque (if funds are available) and certificate. They must present their work as a lecture at a plenary session of the Congress.

Below are samples of the Nomination Form, and the Curriculum vitae which along with a Recommendation letter must be submitted to the Chair of FESPB Grants and Awards Committee.





(to be prepared by the National Representative or the senior FESPB member)

•  Name of sponsoring Society:
•  Name and contact details of officer of Society putting the case forward OR the senior FESPB Member who recommends the nominee:
•  Candidate’s details:
•  Name:
•  Date of birth (day/month/year):
•  Personal address:
•  Laboratory address:
•  E-mail:
•  University degrees [year/ university/name of degree (e.g., BSc)]:
•  Other academic achievements:
•  Positions held including :
•  Post-doctoral positions:
•  Present position:


•  Name of the candidate:
•  Date of birth:
•  Personal postal addres:
•  Laboratory postal address:
•  E-mail address:
•  University degrees.
•  Post-doctoral positions held.
•  Present position:
•  Publications in refereed journals
(Authors, title, journal, year, volume, pages, underline the candidate name)
•  Other publications including Proceedings, popular articles etc.
•  Participation/presentations at Congresses, conferences etc.
•  Abstracts in Abstracts Books.
;Specify which presentations were invited. Please give authors, year, title of article, conference title, pages and underline the candidate name.
•  Contributions to Books:
Authors,title, references, authors, (underline the candidate name).
•  Patents: References, authors, (underline the candidate name).
•  Presentation of the candidate’s work:
•  Abstract: Approximately ONE page summary of the candidate’s research contributions.
•  Detailed presentation of the experimental results: 6 pages maximum
(Times 10, double spaced, including diagrams, figures, tables ...)
•  Future plans


from the National Representative or his/her nominee must also be included with the application.

Please send the Application etc before 31 January 2012 to the Chair of FESPB Grants and Awards Committee, Prof. Christine Foyer at:


Centre for Plant Sciences
University of Leeds
Leeds, LS20JT U.K.
Tel.: +44(0)113 343 2900
Fax:+44(0)113 323 3144