Doc, you gotta help me. you were the only one who knows how your time machine works. This is uh, this is heavy duty, Doc, this is great. Uh, does it run on regular unleaded gasoline? Are you sure about this storm? Hey Marty, I’m not your answering service, but you’re outside pouting about the car, Jennifer Parker called you twice. How’s your head?

Well, now we gotta sneak this back into my laboratory, we’ve gotta get you home. Marty, you made it. Wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? What do we become assholes or something? Marty, you seem so nervous, is something wrong? Lorenzo, where’re you keys?

What, well you mean like a date? Doc, Doc, it’s me, Marty. Doc. No, bastards. So tell me, future boy, who’s president of the United States in 1985?