The Council shall comprise delegates from participating societies and members of the Executive Committee (Statutes §3,e). Each participating society shall designate one delegate and one deputy for the FESPB Council. The delegate and his/her deputy shall be nominated every two years (Statutes §3,f). The Council shall meet on a biannual basis at the FESPB Congress (Statutes §3j). Extraordinary Council Meetings shall be convened by the Executive Committee with a notice period of at least one week.

The Council shall pass Resolutions in relation to the following:

  • Elections in accordance with § 3 g; of the Statutes
  • Accounts for the preceding period;
  • Budget for the coming period;
  • New admissions, to the extent that the Executive Committee is not responsible for the same;
  • Criteria for FESPB awards and research grants;
  • FESPB Memoranda of Understanding with other organisations in the area of plant research;
  • All other items on the Agenda;
  • Amendment of the Statutes (see § 11).

the Council shall make decisions by simple majority of votes cast. Abstentions shall not be counted as votes but, rather, shall be treated as absences. In the event of equal votes, the motion shall be deemed to be rejected. Only designated national delegates and Board members shall be assigned voting rights in the Council. The Council shall be capable of passing Resolutions without a specified quorum of members present.