János Györgyey


János Györgyey is the president of the Hungarian Plant Biology Society since 2006, national representative since 2012. He have got his diploma at the University of Szeged as biologist in 1985. He obtained Ph.D. at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1996 for his thesis entitled “Gene expression changes during hormone activated cell division and somatic embryogenesis in alfalfa”. He began his research carrier in the same year in the Biological Research Centre, Szeged, Hungary where he is senior researcher now and principal investigator of the research unit working on Brachypodium distachyon. His main interests are plant molecular biology, developmental genetics, and abiotic stress physiology. With his colleagues, currently they are studying root development of Brachypodium focusing on LOB-domain transcription factor family, the effects of limiting water supply on root architecture, as well as the involvement of circadian clock in drought stress adaptation in roots. His publications and citation data can be find in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography database (https://m2.mtmt.hu/gui2/?type=authors&mode=browse&sel=10002548&view=pubTable).